Geovey Standard

For publishing and multiple routes


What you get

Everything in Geovey Open

No watermark

Up to 100GB image/audio hosting

User comments/moderation

Analytics Dashboard

Access to Geovey support desk

Geovey Standard allows you to publish multiple routes and collect them under a single theme You can decide which walks are published and have the flexibility to create route alternatives, branches and variations. You’ll have access to the full Geovey route designer with no restrictions, you will be able to create a themed micro-site and publish your walks from it.

In addition, you will have access to comments and interactions. You can configure points of interest within your route and seek feedback from users. You’ll be able to moderate this feedback, publish it if you so wish and download all feedback for further analysis.

Geovey Standard captures user interactions with your walk and presents these in an analytics dashboard. This allows you to gauge engagement, work out which walks are gaining traction and allow you to report back to your stakeholders or improve visibility of your walks.

With Geovey Standard you can publish up to 50 walks priced according to the following table (all prices are exclusive of VAT):-

Number of routes

Monthly Charge

Storage Limit

1 - 3



4 - 20



21 - 50



You will have access to our support desk and be able to raise support tickets with our staff online.

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