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Route Creation and Publication Simplified

At Nautoguide we firmly believe that anyone should be able to create a route without having to understand maps, geospatial or web technology. We’ve worked hard to make a simple route editor that works the way you want to work. Geovey routes can be constructed out in the field, simply grab your phone, walk your route, add photos and narrations as you go along and tidy it all up when you're back at your desk, adding anything you missed in the field.

Alternatively, construct the route in a web browser on your desktop. Many of you can collaborate to make a route, each adding their own text, images, markers, audio, video or route variations. What a great way to bring a team together, working cooperatively to construct a rich and meaningful trail.

Geovey Routes are published in a user-friendly format, removing jargon and complexity. You have control over the copy and imagery introducing your routes and can say as much or little as you see fit. You are also in control of the directions, Geovey is a SatNav free zone! Add direction points where you feel they are needed, include audio or photos as guidance and write instructions without constraints.

Many route construction packages are fixated on loops or there-and-back routes. We’ve removed this restriction. Geovey routes can have as many branches as you wish, you can construct alternate paths mid-route and even create master routes that link a sub-set of previously created routes. We built Geovey with flexibility in mind, and we understand that many locations require alternative paths based on age, fitness, accessibility or simply time constraints.

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User Interaction

Geovey ensures that your routes are more than a one sided experience. You can add interactivity to your trails by allowing user feedback. This can be switched on at specific locations gaining the feedback you want where you want it. Users can add their comments and imagery and you are in control of moderation deciding whether or not to publish their additions.

This is a powerful mechanism that allows you to use Geovey as a medium for consultation. You can create routes that guide users around an area of interest and ask them for feedback at locations where you have plans or concerns. This feature has many potential applications; gain comments on a traffic free zone, crowdsource information at a heritage site, gather statistics on flora and fauna or ask users to review a local shopping experience.

Community Engagement

Communities are something we should develop and nurture as they have the power to bring many of us together with a shared purpose for good. Imagine how powerful this becomes when we bring multiple communities together.

Geovey brings communities together under the banner of route creation. Artists, poets, videographers, researchers, local interest groups and many others can seamlessly collaborate to explore and publish walks/routes/artefacts in their area.

  • - Community created walks engage locals and visitors alike
  • - Geovey provides the tools, no development or support is required
  • - This has been proven in Brixham, read more here
  • - The opportunities are endless; art, culture, history, sport, scenery, gardens, personalities, architecture, you name it .. Geovey can map it

At Nautoguide we’re committed to creating and supporting community curated walks. This aligns with a wider mission to get people outside, in the fresh air, exercising and feeling better.

Finally, we are happy to help your community of organisation apply for funding. Just let us know what you need.

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Geovey and Geovation

Nautoguide Ltd. are proud to be life members of the Ordnance Survey Geovation community. We answered a challenge jointly set by Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry to improve housing and land use in the UK. Having been announced as winners and awarded a significant grant, we launched our first iteration of Geovey and grew the platform to a rich set of services covering consultation, boundary management, educational tours and housing analytics.

This work has led us to our latest Geovey product offering which builds upon our mission to use location data for the great good. We’ve built an easy to use online platform designed to radically simplify the process of constructing and publishing routes.

Nautoguide was founded by Dave Barter and Richard Reynolds, two IT stalwarts who used their experience of analytics and ID verification in the finance industry to create innovative applications based upon location data. The name “Nautoguide” is derived from “Not an AUTO guide”. The company was formed to create human-centric applications that recognise the fact that computer algorithms have flaws and require human intervention. We’re a small business with offices located in Brixham, Devon.

Geovey is a play on “geographic” and “survey”. Our original mission with Geovey was to create a richer consultation/survey experience around maps, but we’ve taken this brief further with the current iteration as we look to use technology to get people more engaged with their surroundings, and also,...outside! We love the outside at Nautoguide.

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